We’d like to welcome you to TornadoTitans.com. Our passion centers around the sky and those people who happen to always find themselves pointing their camera upwards towards it. We want to capture the beautiful, dynamic sky on camera and share it with you so that you can stand in awe at the beauty of nature. Our hope is to help keep your families safe by educating you on how dangerous storms are and how you can be more prepared for when they strike. It is our passion to share our captures on camera with you in the hopes it spurns you towards safety but also creates a sense of awe and wonder. If you are interested in learning to do what we do, visit Titan U.


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  • Looking Ahead to our December Weather

    Looking Ahead to our December Weather

    December is fast approaching us here in the Southern Plains, and it’s likely we’re going to see a cooler and wetter month than normal. That doesn’t specifically mean snow, but it certainly means the odds of a snowstorm or two are pretty high for the region this upcoming month. […]

  • On The Chaser Hotseat With…Brett Wright

    On The Chaser Hotseat With…Brett Wright

    In a new series of features, we’re taking a look at members of the Tornado Titans as well as other chasers by having them answer a set of rapid fire questions about their chasing, experiences, and passion. First up…Tornado Titan Brett Wright.

  • Chasing ‘Smarter’

    Chasing ‘Smarter’

    If you are a new or newer chaser, you are likely so gung-ho you’ll chase rain showers to the end of the earth. And that’s fine, trust me, it’s natural to want to chase everything — especially at the start of your chase career. Every storm is new, every experience different, big lessons will be learned on each chase.

    But, going the all out approach means one of three things: 1)You are rich and can afford it, 2)You have a more than flexible job setup to allow for it, 3)You are sacrificing things you shouldn’t be to chase water vapor. […]

Meet the Team


Chris Sanner is a native Oklahoman and is a skilled photographer. Chris is the creator of The Bear’s Cage Documentary Series and Tornado Titans Web Series.

Twitter | YouTube


Brandon Sullivan has been featured in numerous specials about storms and weather and his video has been featured on almost every major worldwide news network.

Twitter | YouTube


Brandon Goforth has observed storms for almost 15 years with one of the most impressive stills libraries around, including the only weather related 100.0 on 500px.com.



Brett Wright was born in Illinois and grew up fascinated with the weather. His photography eye and skill are incredible, as he has amassed some of the most memorable images of the last few seasons including stunning captures of the Shawnee, OK EF4 tornado from 2013.



Josh Ward is an avid photographer and storm observer. Born and raised in Oklahoma, Josh has observed over 100 tornadoes and enjoys documenting weather of all types. Josh is an integral part of the team, with an impressive images library.

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