Some Common Misconceptions About Being Ready for Severe Weather

When it comes to severe weather safety and preparedness, half of the battle is convincing the listener that many of their commonly held beliefs are completely wrong. For whatever reason, bad advice filters through the population which results in people being nowhere near ready for when a real severe weather emergency threatens them. I’ve taken some time and tried to compile SOME of these into a single blog post. […]

Six Ways to Be More Prepared This Storm Season

“We had no warning.”

“The sirens didn’t sound, so we didn’t worry about it.”

These are common excuses many people offer up when severe weather catches them off-guard — but the simple fact is, most of the time at least, severe storms impacting you are well advertised and warned in advance. Given the access to data, and an assumed ability to read and comprehend — there is no excuse in 2015 not to be informed of severe weather threats. What’s the secret? Here’s a few tips. […]

Supercells, Tornadoes Impact Central Oklahoma – March 25, 2015

Well, we had tornadoes in March in America — and while the total number wasn’t high, the season started off with an unfortunately deadly day. The event was overall forecast quite well by the National Weather Service and Storm Prediction Center, with all but one tornado being rather brief/weak yesterday. Let’s get to our chase day! […]

The Season’s First Moderate Risk! – March 25, 2015

Well, look at that! We actually have a moderate risk of severe weather today (that’s level four out of five) for parts of central and northeast Oklahoma into NW Arkansas! The threat is for large hail, although damaging winds and a tornado or two are also possible today. Let’s break it all down, shall we?


Looking Ahead to Tomorrow’s Event – March 25, 2015

Our first enhanced risk ever on the Southern Plains will be tomorrow, with a cold front surging south through the region into a moist and very unstable airmass. In the warm sector ahead of the front and a dryline, a capped but unstable atmosphere will be in place with ample shear for severe weather. Some very large hail along with damaging winds and perhaps a couple of tornadoes will be possible tomorrow. Let’s break it down.


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