We’d like to welcome you to TornadoTitans.com. Our passion centers around the sky and those people who happen to always find themselves pointing their camera upwards towards it. We want to capture the beautiful, dynamic sky on camera and share it with you so that you can stand in awe at the beauty of nature. Our hope is to help keep your families safe by educating you on how dangerous storms are and how you can be more prepared for when they strike. It is our passion to share our captures on camera with you in the hopes it spurns you towards safety but also creates a sense of awe and wonder. If you are interested in learning to do what we do, visit Titan U.


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  • The New SPC Risk Categories Explained (Video)

    The New SPC Risk Categories Explained (Video)

    The new SPC risk categories are probably confusing to many, as initial studies did show. And while the outlook terms are a bit ambiguous, the additional categories are much needed and much welcome.

    Not only do […]

  • Explaining Zulu Time…

    Explaining Zulu Time…

    With daylight savings time fast approaching, the thought of zulu time and what it means came into my head.

    Simply put, Zulu time is a universal time measurement which allows for problem-free coordination of data and times in all sorts of fields, including the millitary. When it comes to weather, we typically use Zulu time to denote specific model data or expected weather events. Zulu time never changes for daylight savings, and it’s always 6 or 7 hours ahead of our current time, depending on the time of year.

    It’s not as confusing as it sounds, here’s how you handle it. […]

  • Power Lines, And How They Can Zap Your Photos

    Power Lines, And How They Can Zap Your Photos

    Sometimes power lines just get in the way. And there’s no stopping that.

    The above picture represented a best-effort for what we could do with a crazy scene near Cherokee, Oklahoma while 80+mph RFD winds began to impact us with tall power lines town both sides of our highway. It was unsafe to leave the vehicle for sure, but it was also unsafe to stay in the vehicle where we were at. So this photo is literally the best that could be done as we retreated to a more reasonable distance. It’s still a compelling tornado shot…but had we not been morons and gotten too close to not allow for good photography, this shot would’ve been much more.

    But for many aspiring storm photographers, having power lines in a shot is a normal thing even for much less intensive scenes, and it’s time we change that. […]

Meet the Team


Chris Sanner is a native Oklahoman and is a skilled photographer. Chris is the creator of The Bear’s Cage Documentary Series and Tornado Titans Web Series.

Twitter | YouTube


Brandon Sullivan has been featured in numerous specials about storms and weather and his video has been featured on almost every major worldwide news network.

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Brandon Goforth has observed storms for almost 15 years with one of the most impressive stills libraries around, including the only weather related 100.0 on 500px.com.



Brett Wright was born in Illinois and grew up fascinated with the weather. His photography eye and skill are incredible, as he has amassed some of the most memorable images of the last few seasons including stunning captures of the Shawnee, OK EF4 tornado from 2013.



Josh Ward is an avid photographer and storm observer. Born and raised in Oklahoma, Josh has observed over 100 tornadoes and enjoys documenting weather of all types. Josh is an integral part of the team, with an impressive images library.

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