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Severe Weather in High Plains Today – May 22, 2015

Today looks like a pretty standard slight risk day across the High Plains of the Texas Panhandle and Eastern New Mexico. Some large hail and a rogue tornado are not out of the question — but the big concern remains flooding rainfall this weekend. […]

May 22nd, 2015|Southern Plains Weather|

Severe Weather Update For Memorial Day Weekend – May 21, 2015

Well hey, last year you couldn’t go to the lakes around the area because they were too dry. This year, […]

May 21st, 2015|Southern Plains Weather|

Flooding Rain, Severe Weather Possible Late Week into Weekend – May 20, 2015

We’re going to set an all-time record for rainfall in a month in OKC if this keeps up. Heavy rain, with several inches of rain and more flooding, will be possible this weekend into next week across the Southern Plains.

Meanwhile, there will also be a severe weather risk in the region, although the chances are looking more marginal than we’ve had the past few weeks. […]

May 20th, 2015|Southern Plains Weather|

Severe Weather Possible Today Across Texas Panhandle to Red River Valley – May 19, 2015

Another day in May, and another risk of severe weather. If I didn’t know any better, we were on a somewhat average pace this year (and it seems we are close to that). Given the slow pacing of setups in the past several years, it probably feels exceptionally busy — but this is what we’re more used to in the Southern Plains.


May 19th, 2015|Southern Plains Weather|

The Hitchhikers Guide to Spotting a Bad Weather Forecast…

So that was fun. In case you missed the viral phenomenon that was a quite out there prediction from a former local TV meteorologist in OKC of violent tornadoes impacting OKC on Monday, you really missed a lot. While the page in question isn’t necessarily a consistently poor source of weather info, this was one case where the forecast was way out in left field and it caused a viral-fed panic amongst many. In the comments thread, at least one person was talking about having post-tornado PTSD and having trouble breathing after reading the post, others pulling kids out of schools, and second-hand reports of long evenings of TV mets in OKC having to assuage the fears of many viewers calling in on the phone that they weren’t purposefully ignoring a grave threat to OKC. […]

May 19th, 2015|Other Weather, Titan U|

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