More Severe Weather Today, Very Large Hail Possible – April 18, 2015

Today is a day I feel both blessed and cursed to live in Oklahoma City. Blessed because yes indeed, it’s chase time game time. Cursed because — you just can’t say no to decent environments. […]

Some Severe Weather Today – April 17, 2015

It’s that feeling when you wake up and you realize that there are storms ongoing in your target area, and if they don’t clear you don’t chase. There is currently a slight (2 of 5) risk across the region, with an enhanced (3 of 5) risk across parts of Central and Southern Texas. After yesterday’s incredible catch, we’re going to keep an eye on things and see if we can get some clearing and moisture into the area. Let’s take a look! […]

Supercells with Large Hail, A Tornado or Two Today – April 16, 2015


Oh sorry, I guess my chat convo with the rest of the crew just carried over into this conversation. Sometimes days like today are as shocking as they are interesting. Earlier this week, it looked like our next chase chances were going to come late week after a closed low with bad shear and widespread rain moved through this week. Already now by Thursday that low isn’t as closed and it certainly isn’t going to produce the widespread rain we expected.

Thus, time to chase. […]

Severe Thunderstorm Chances Next Three Days… – April 15, 2015

Well, my plans this week just got an RKO OUTTA NOWHERE!

And Happy Tax Day everyone! It looks like our cut-off low is slowing it’s progress, which means we are going to find ourselves with two and perhaps three days of favorable wind fields and instability for severe weather — which wasn’t fully expected earlier this week. So let’s get to each day! […]

Heavy Rain Still Coming This Week, Then When Does Severe Wx Return?

Heavy rain is still coming this week, as the graphic from the WPC above shows, we are expecting an inch-plus over much of the region still this week. Everyone west of I-35 needs a lot of rain, so we’ll continue to not mind that much as rain falls over the region.  […]

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