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Latest Articles

Summertime Continues With Occassional Storm Chances

There have been sporadic and spotty storms around the region over the last several days, and that pattern looks to continue in one form or another for the next week with occasional heavy rainfall and even severe weather possible in the region. […]

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Visualizing Wind Shear…

You have probably heard your local weather people talk about Wind Shear — but do you know what wind shear is? The shortest definition possible is wind shear is a difference in either wind speed and/or direction in the atmosphere. […]

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Is A Summer Storm Pattern Arriving Into Next Week?

It’s been a hot and dry week across the Southern Plains, with every vestige of summer in place. As we wrote about earlier this week, the summertime ridge over the Southern US dominates our weather this time of year. When its overhead it’s a stupid kind of hot with no rain chances whatsoever, when it moves to the east or to the west it becomes a little less hot with afternoon storm chances.  […]

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Left Split Supercells 101

On some storm days, supercells can sometimes split into more than one storm. We call these storm splits by which direction they move after the split occurs. A right splitting storm will typically turn right and have a counter-clockwise or cyclonic rotation — what you would expect a Supercell to do in the Northern Hemisphere. These are the storms we expect to produce the biggest severe weather.  […]