Beware, For Winter is Coming

Depending on which side of the winter fence you sit on, this blog post either is about to make you really happy or quite sad.

Count me into the quite sad camp.


Video Clips from December 14, 2014

In case you missed our earlier post with our pictures and chase log, be sure to check it out here. This past Sunday’s storm system was a pretty rare one for Oklahoma, as we average less than one tornado per year in December — which means that since 1950 we have had more years without tornadoes than with in the month.

Thus, that make this chase a little extra special. Here are clips from Chris Sanner and Brandon Goforth’s chase on Sunday, as well as one from Brett Wright and Brandon Sullivan’s chase:


Make Your Vacation a Storm Chasing Vacation Next Spring

If you are a new to the storm chasing hobby, you are probably wondering how to get started in chasing. One of the things we always recommend to people is to look at chasing with established experts before trying chasing on your own, and one of the best ways to do that is to take a week long storm chasing tour. […]

Amazing December Storm System Spawns Severe Weather

The storm system which impacted our region yesterday continues to spin towards the east and north today, but in its wake is quite a bit of hail damage around Oklahoma City and several severe weather reports across the region. It was a fascinating system full of incredible atmospheric dynamics, we couldn’t help but chase.


Severe Weather Possible Tomorrow

A powerful storm system will enter the Plains tomorrow after giving California its strongest storm and best rains in quite some time. As the system emerges from the west, moisture will increase over the region and wind shear will strengthen. Depending on the amount of destabilization and the quality of moisture, severe weather appears somewhat likely tomorrow across the area. […]

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