Marginal Severe Storms in SW OK – March 31, 2015

It was a longshot, but myself and Brandon Sullivan set out to film what we hoped were going to be some very pretty storms in the late afternoon and evening of March 31, 2015. Our forecast was that storms would form and move into good moisture with just enough wind shear to produce some fine structure, ample lightning, and large hail.

Two out of three isn’t bad? […]

Slight Risk of Severe Storms Today — April 1, 2015

April fools everyone!

April fools day is always a day where so many try to cleverly scheme their way towards an interesting and clever ruse — but we’re going to keep it rather straightforward here on TT and just deliver some facts about today’s severe weather risk.  […]

Slight Risk of Severe Storms Across S. OK/N TX Today – March 31, 2015

The atmosphere always has a few tricks up its sleeve — and today is no exception. I went to sleep last night preparing to head south and west for severe storms as models generally agreed on this — and I wake up this morning to find models deciding that wasn’t such a brilliant idea after all. I feel bad for our friends in SW OK and NW TX. Are you guys cursed? I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure if you guys don’t get rain soon you’ll be seeking Old Testament solutions to your drought problem soon enough. […]

Some Tips on How to Safely Document Tornadoes

Yesterday, I wrote about how we have a problem in storm chasing and asked the ever-pertinent question, “Why has it become so hard for chasers to not get hit?”

Today, I want to offer up a series of suggestions on how to avoid that situation in the future. I actually have written some of these already on a prior blog post. What I’d like to do is focus solely on tornado documentation and provide some wisdom both from my personal experiences and from knowledge I have learned from people much older, wiser, and experienced than I. My 12 years of chasing is nothing to sneeze at, but many of these come from people with 30-40 years of chasing — and they’re wise lessons indeed. […]

Busy Week of Severe Weather Ahead!

Remember when we were talking about March being slow, not busy?

I remember writing back at the beginning of the month that the last half would be much different and we’d have severe weather — but it seems like we went from 0 to 60 in a blink of an eye. Well here we go again, a three day period this week promises more severe weather for the Southern Plains. Let’s dive into each.


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