A Short Primer/Catch-All On Chase Ethics and Safety

With the number of chasers and newer chasers at a higher level than ever before, it’s always a good idea to talk the ethics of chasing as well as some general catch-all guidelines to hopefully have everyone generally follow. I don’t want to come across as anything but helpful, as this is oftentimes a topic many quickly dismiss as unnecessary. […]

Social Media Protips As We Approach Storm Season

It may be snowing outside (or close to it, or maybe not at all depending on where you are in the region) — but we are about to enter March and the beginning of meteorological Spring. And yes, I know we are probably two weeks away from any semblance of that for more than a day, but it’s never too early to talk about social media and how to use it this storm season. […]

Titans Hangout: Titan U, Previewing 2015, and Our Upcoming Winter Storm

With a new winter storm bearing down on us, it’s not soon enough to talk about the upcoming Spring Storm season. I ran the ship solo to talk about the 2015 season, to preview Titan U, and to talk a bit on our upcoming winter storm. Check it all out after the jump! […]

Understanding Aperture

It’s Thursday, which makes it a good day to discuss photography and videography subjects. Today let’s talk about aperture and how you can use it to maximize the quality of your storm photos and videos. […]

An Active Pattern Ahead As We Enter March

The calendar is about to turn to March, and the pattern is as active as ever. If we get a similar troughy pattern again in May — we may chase every day for a week plus straight through. What an active pattern! Let’s get to it… […]

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