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Some Strong Storms Around the Region, Severe Risk Sunday – August 29, 2014

Today’s storm outlook features a pretty typical late-summer convective regime, with sporadic storms possible along a surface trough across the region. As the sun heats up the surface today, expect instability and lift to increase, resulting in strong storms across the area. Last night’s storms worked over the atmosphere a bit, bringing lapse rates down [...]

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Some Severe storms Possible Today in S. Plains – August 28, 2014

A couple of severe storms are possible today across western Oklahoma and adjacent areas of Southern Kansas, the Texas Panhandle, and NW Texas. The atmosphere should become rather unstable this afternoon, thanks to hot surface temps, and storms should begin forming by early afternoon in areas where they are not already ongoing. In the evening and [...]

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Severe Weather Possible Central Plains – August 27, 2014

Severe weather is possible for portions of the Central Plains, from Northeast Colorado into Southern Nebraska and Northern Kansas. Wind profiles and shear will be sufficient for supercells across the risk area, with large hail, damaging winds, and an isolated tornado possible today. The tornado risk is dependent upon storm isolation along the frontal boundary [...]

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The ‘Second Season’ of the Fall, how real is it?

When it comes to a second tornado season in the Fall, there's likely a lot more hype than substance surrounding its discussion here in Oklahoma. Check the chart above which shows the average number of tornadoes per month in Oklahoma, see that little blip up in September and October? That's the fall season people talk [...]

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Severe Weather in the Northern Plains! – August 23, 2014

Severe weather is a good bet today across the Northern Plains, with storms expected to fire later this afternoon around a surface triple point, dryline, and warm front in eastern South Dakota. Storms that form will be capable of damaging winds and large hail, and also a couple of tornadoes. The severe weather threat is [...]

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Severe Weather Possible North KS into Nebraska – August 22, 2014

Severe weather is possible from portions of northwest and northern Kansas (areas along and north of I-70) into Nebraska late this afternoon into the evening. The expectation right now is that storms will form along the front range of the Rockies thanks to a strong shortwave moving through the region. The added shear will make [...]

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Severe Weather Possible Across Northern Plains, Hot Dry Southern Plains – August 20, 2014

Enough shear and instability will combine to bring the potential for supercell thunderstorms across eastern South Dakota into northeast Nebraska this afternoon and evening. In a pretty classic severe weather setup, a triple point will set up in eastern South Dakota, with a dryline trailing south from the surface low and a warm front arcing [...]

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