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The New SPC Risk Categories Explained (Video)

The new SPC risk categories are probably confusing to many, as initial studies did show. And while the outlook terms are a bit ambiguous, the additional categories are much needed and much welcome. Not only do the new maps separate what used to be lower-end slight risks from upper-end, they also denote the [...]

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Explaining Zulu Time…

With daylight savings time fast approaching, the thought of zulu time and what it means came into my head. Simply put, Zulu time is a universal time measurement which allows for problem-free coordination of data and times in all sorts of fields, including the millitary. When it comes to weather, we typically use Zulu time [...]

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Power Lines, And How They Can Zap Your Photos

Sometimes power lines just get in the way. And there’s no stopping that. The above picture represented a best-effort for what we could do with a crazy scene near Cherokee, Oklahoma while 80+mph RFD winds began to impact us with tall power lines town both sides of our highway. It was unsafe to leave the [...]

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Oklahoma Could Set a Record-Low for Tornadoes in 2014

The above map is of the 1988 tornado season, which also happened to be the quietest year ever in the state of Oklahoma with a mere 17 total twisters. It is courtesy of the Tornado History Project, which you should consider donating to as it seeks to improve tornado record-keeping. But that record is in [...]

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The Essential iPhone Camera Setup for Storms

I love my iPhone and it’s camera, and I know I’m not alone. One of the best sayings out there is that the very best camera you have is the one you have with you, and I couldn’t agree more. While the iPhone isn’t going to completely replace your ‘big’ camera for video or stills [...]

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Eight Winning Fall Photography Tips

Fall foliage photography season is now underway in the Plains, which means if you want a shot at getting some unique scenery there is no time like the present to make it happen. I personally look forward to this season every year because it allows for some amazingly colorful photographs and with a little imagination [...]

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