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New Years Winter Weather To Impact Texas, Oklahoma

Brrrr. I don’t know if you’ve walked outside recently but my goodness its cold out there. This kind of cold in the Southern Plains means there is a guarantee someone to our north is just at a level of cold so stupid, that you have to actually start measuring temperatures with a negative sign in [...]

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What’s the Best City To Base Out Of For Chasing?

Most of us as storm chasers have jobs and life situations which prevents us from being able to relocate in order to chase more than we could otherwise. So let’s treat this article as more of a ‘just for fun’ experiment to rank where the ultimate places to live would be for chasing the most/best [...]

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Particularly Challenging Winter Weather Forecast This Week

Have you ever gotten that feeling of a looming deadline with no way you are going to meet it? Or better yet, you have to do something you know that is completely and utterly beyond your ability to do? Welcome to forecasting winter weather this week in the Southern Plains. […]

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Snowstorm Impacts Oklahoma and Northwest Texas on December 27, 2014!

Yesterday’s snowstorm was certainly a surprise, perhaps one of the bigger surprises when it comes to a winter storm in quite some time. As we wrote about the day before yesterday, we were expecting only light precip from this system and no more than one-half inch of snow. Boy was that [...]

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Cold Air Arriving Friday/Saturday, Stronger Shot Next Week

The rumors are true and winter is indeed making a comeback by Friday into Saturday across the region. This first shot of cold air from Friday into Saturday isn’t going to be the coldest, but it will still feel cooler than it has been with a north wind creating some cold wind chills. […]

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