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It’s Easier to Write Blog Posts About Impending Rainstorms…

It’s a lot easier to write about the weather when good news is coming. Already near average for January,we’re now going for an above average start for rainfall in the 2015 calendar year. Yeah I don’t know when I’ve said something like that either in recent memory. […]

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Picking a Target Area, A Case Study

Picking a target area on a chase day is the most crucial component to chasing. In a way, it’s one of the few things that hasn’t changed dramatically about chasing. When presented with a couple of general options, you still have to settle the decision with a target of the warm front or dryline — [...]

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Is Social Media A Viable Weather Reporting Medium for Chasers?

“Call it in!” You hear that phrase echoed throughout tornado videos throughout history as storm chasers scramble to report what they’re seeing. But could there be an even better and more efficient way to report? I think so. Social media, when used responsibly, can not only say ‘what’, it can also show ‘what is’. “Tweet [...]

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What Are the Ideal Storm Photo Settings?

So you have a new camera and you want to maximize its effectiveness — but you see all sorts of numbers on your viewfinder which you have no idea what they mean. This is a common thing amongst beginning photographers, and oftentimes many will simply set their cameras to an automatic mode in lieu of [...]

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Looking Back at 2014’s Storm Season One Last Time

I’m doing it! I’m going to bring up the 2014 chase season here in the Plains one last time and then I’m shaking the dust of that year off of all of my chase gear and we’re moving head first into 2015! In short, 2014 was an incredibly quiet year for everyone, unless you happened [...]

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