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“Campo, Colorado” — The Tornado That Wowed Storm Chasers on May 31, 2010

There are few chases that end as well as Campo, Colorado did on May 31, 2010. In what was the Season finale of Season 1, this episode features one of the most photogenic tornadoes from the past several seasons. In many ways, Campo has still been unmatched. […]

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Scattered Storms This Afternoon – July 30, 2015

A cold front moving south through the region will continue to move slowly south, with showers and storms along and ahead of it today. The most widespread coverage will be both in northern and northwest Oklahoma as well as eastern and southeastern Oklahoma. […]

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So, That Mountain Protects You From Tornadoes Eh?

In some areas, there are widely held (and sincere) beliefs about landmarks protecting you from the horrors of a tornado. For some its a river (good luck with that), for others its being in a valley (yeah, not working either), and for many its a mountain, which…well….let’s go to the tape. […]

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Gear to Make Your Phone a Camera Powerhouse

Everyone who knows me knows I have harped on just how good phone cameras are and are getting. Every generation of hardware seems to do something to one-up the past generation — and incidently each new generation makes a stronger case that sans a major camera purchase, you’ve got more than enough camera for the [...]

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Marginal Risk of Severe Storms Today – July 28, 2015

For most of us in the region, it’s going to be yet another hot and sunny day with heat indexes well over 100F. For some of us though, especially those of you lucky enough to be living near the cold front entering the region today, you may see some storms and temperature relief.  […]

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Large Tornado in Manitoba – July 27, 2015

It was a busy evening in the Northern Plains of the U.S. as well as on the Canadian Prairies where at least one large and long-track tornado formed in Manitoba near Tilston. Visually, it looks as if the tornado was rather impressive and perhaps even a strong one via social media reports. Let’s go to [...]

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“Oklahoma Surprise” — The Hammon, OK Tornado from March 8, 2010

Every now and then, a day comes along that surprises you so much that you can’t help but just feel a bit of shock. The extremely photogenic and long-lasting tornado of March 8, 2010 from near Elk City, OK to Hammon, OK was one of those days — where it all came together just enough [...]

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