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This Volcano Looks Like a Highly Electric Supercell

In terms of being just amazing, there’s this video of a super-charged volcanic ash cloud in South America. This thing looks like a supercell with an intense back-sheared anvil and incredible tower lightning. A structure nuts dream! I’m pretty sure this is on my photographic bucket list for sure! […]

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Talking Storm Chasing and Tornadoes with!!

I recently had a long conversation with’s Matt Young about storm chasing and tornadoes, which was featured in a new story on the site yesterday. You can read a lot of the fruits of that conversation in the article linked above, here’s a snippet: […]

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Your Histogram, and How to Expose Your Images Properly

Let’s get one essential link out of the way. If you’ve never read it, Brandon Goforth wrote an amazing guide on the histogram and HDR photography here. Now, I’d like to take a bit of time to echo that post with a simpler guide on the histogram, which I think is the most essential tool [...]

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Some Photo Tips for Tomorrow Night’s Lunar Eclipse

Tomorrow night is going to feature a lunar eclipse over the northern Hemisphere with a full moon that’s brighter and bigger than a typical full moon. In short: It’s going to be a heck of an opportunity to take some unique astrophotography pictures. If you are wanting to venture out, the eclipse will begin at [...]

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The Warm Front Tornadic Supercell Chase of May 19, 2011

May 19, 2011 would be a chase day destined to the dustbin of forgettable history if it weren’t for a couple of notable items: first it was the first time Brandon Sullivan chased with the team. Second: it was the coldest storm chase I think I can ever remember. […]

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A Few Showers and Storms Tonight into Saturday

One small break up of our somewhat stale weather pattern is coming tonight into tomorrow morning in the region. A meandering center of low pressure will drift south today into tomorrow, bringing with it a chance of showers and thunderstorms. […]

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Yes, The Weather Pattern Really Is That Stagnant

I was asked on Twitter today why we haven’t written many weather blogs the past week, and the honest to goodness answer is: because literally nothing is happening. We had some showers around the region earlier this morning — but as far as the overall pattern goes, the next several days will continue with a [...]

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