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High End Flooding Event in Texas – October 30, 2015

Yesterday’s flooding event in Texas was a high end flooding event in the Austin, TX area with 10″+ of rain falling in the area. This led to some pretty extreme flash flooding in that area. Let’s go to a few of the more compelling photos and videos. […]

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The Misconceptions of Storm Chasing…

Storm chasing is becoming an increasingly popular activity — and why wouldn’t it? It’s amazing to see the biggest, baddest storms on earth do their thing. However, we oftentimes get comments and notes from people who completely don’t get what we do — for whatever reason. The storm chasing in media and popular culture doesn’t quite [...]

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Patricia Forecasts Not Overhyped, But an Incredible Success

Hurricane Patricia became the strongest storm in the western hemisphere in the hours leading up to landfall in Mexico. Many predicted that a human catastrophe was coming, and a lot of people (including commenters on this blog and social media) were going quite overboard with predictions and misinformation. We’ve talked about the social media communication [...]

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Rain Coming Late Week, But Is Severe Weather?

A large, progressive trough over the…wait, a large trough? *checks notes/feverishly researches/comes back to computer* Yes, a large trough is setting up over the western US, and the strange thing is it won’t close off and will instead remain open and progressive as it moves east. In 2015, this hasn’t happened often as we’ve had [...]

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The Western Hemisphere’s Strongest Storm on Record Bears Down on Mexico

If you weren’t paying attention you possibly missed what is easily the most impressive weather event of the last couple of years. Category 5 Hurricane Patricia strengthened from a pretty meager (in comparison) tropical storm to the strongest storm in the history of the western Hemisphere in 30 hours. This is just an unprecedented event, [...]

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