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Severe Weather Possible Today – July 28, 2016

Looks like NW flow aloft is back on the menu with some severe weather chances across the region into this evening and overnight. This afternoon and evening, storms should fire across NE CO and NW KS. These initial storms could be supercells with large hail and a tornado possible. […]

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Stormy Week Ahead for the Southern Plains… (July 25, 2016)

As the ridge of high pressure abates across the region this week, temperatures are coming down and humidity is coming up. On top of that, storm chances will be on the rise as several small atmospheric disturbances work their way around the region. This all leads up to a hot, muggy, and stormy week ahead. [...]

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Monsoon Day Four: More Storms!

When it comes to monsoon storm photography we have the whole ‘find storms in the daytime’ thing down pat. Yesterday Eugene Thieszen, Brandon Goforth, and myself all spent some time around Sedona, AZ watching storms bubble in the distance and hoping that we’d see them propagate towards us through the afternoon. […]

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Monsoon Chase: Day 1

The great monsoon 2016 expedition has begun! Eugene Thieszen and myself trekked from Oklahoma City to western New Mexico to begin our monsoon chase excursion. Our first day was likely more successful than any day we had out here last year when we gambled on super late-season monsoon action (and largely lost). This year, we [...]

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