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Our goal at Tornado Titans is to show off superior quality content about extreme weather not only in the Great Plains of the United States but from around the world. Our content will range from mere documentation from a journalists perspective of extreme weather events to holding classes and seminars to educate both chasers and the general public on severe weather safety and preparedness. We accomplish most of this via this blog and website. If we can show off the sky, create awe about how amazing it is, but also educate about how dangerous weather extremes are — we have done our job.


Our photography is known worldwide as some of the best of severe weather and plains landscapes.

Our Work

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Our video productions are the best quality independently produced productions on extreme weather you can find.

Watch Our Adventures

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Our hope is to educate you on severe weather awareness as well as making you a better photographer.

Titan U

Our educational material is available exclusively on our site at Titan U.


Our videography has been featured across media and broadcast outlets worldwide. We strive to produce the best quality video we possibly can of extreme weather events. To us, video is a vital component to everything we do — it allows us to document not only the extreme weather events that occur here, but also to show off the rich culture of the people who endure through every imaginable weather extreme.

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Our photography has been featured in many different publications, within many different organizations, and it has been placed in various educational materials and more. We take quality, fine art photography very seriously. To see our work through the still image, be sure to check out our Instagram as well as follow along with Our Adventures.


One of the key components of what we do is to educate about weather extremes and how to be prepared for them. While we will never hide behind the empty guise of ‘saving lives’ when it comes to documenting extreme weather, we do take the practice and work of Severe Weather Preparedness very seriously. We have free and new material coming soon which will help arm local residents with the information they need to be severe weather ready.

Also, we seek to educate and train up-and-coming storm chasers in storm chasing safety and etiquette/ethics. We were taught all of this once ourselves, and we simply seek to pass on the good information and knowledge of old. Another thing we passionately pursue is the education of storm chasers in the visual arts, so that they can produce better quality material both for documentation purposes and for everyone’s enjoyment. To see our education content, check out Titan U.