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Some Chase Lessons From When a High Risk Doesn’t Pan Out

High Risks are rare creatures in the land of severe weather outlooks. When a high risk was issued on January 22, 2017, it understandably sent the weather world on social media into a frenzy. Given that it had been over two years since the last high risk (6/3/14), the reaction was pretty intense. Indeed, many of [...]

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Some Statistics from the November 16, 2015 Tornado Outbreak

In case you missed it yesterday, we talked with Dr. Stephen Bieda and Randy Bowers from the NWS in Amarillo on the #WeatherBlab yesterday, you can watch the archive here. This morning, Dr. Bieda was very kind in sending over some preliminary stats and findings from the outbreak from the Amarillo office, which you can [...]

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High End Flooding Event in Texas – October 30, 2015

Yesterday’s flooding event in Texas was a high end flooding event in the Austin, TX area with 10″+ of rain falling in the area. This led to some pretty extreme flash flooding in that area. Let’s go to a few of the more compelling photos and videos. […]

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Patricia Forecasts Not Overhyped, But an Incredible Success

Hurricane Patricia became the strongest storm in the western hemisphere in the hours leading up to landfall in Mexico. Many predicted that a human catastrophe was coming, and a lot of people (including commenters on this blog and social media) were going quite overboard with predictions and misinformation. We’ve talked about the social media communication [...]

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Waterspouts off Coasts of NY and MI, Large Hail in Canada! – October 16, 2015

With very little threat of actual severe weather in the country the past couple of days, we’ve certainly had a few notable events both here in America and just across the border in Canada. Let’s go to the video! […]

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