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New Seasonal Outlook Released from the CPC, A Look at Winter and Next Spring

Are you ready for what looks to be a cool and wet winter across the Southern Plains? The CPC is checking in today with what appears to be a pretty bullish cool/wet forecast that will take us all the way through the Spring months of 2016. […]

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This Could Be the Best Storm Structure of the Year…

While we were out galavanting around the desert photographing monsoon thunderstorms in Arizona/Nevada/California (go figure) — what may have been the most impressive storm structure of the 2015 calendar year may have happened near Wilson, Kansas last week. […]

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Killer Flash Flooding in Utah, Scary Video

If there is a weather event more scary than a true flash flood, I'm not sure what it is. Sadly, a flash flood killed six people with seven missing in Hilldale, Utah yesterday. The video from the event is downright scary and horrifying as people yell as a rushing torrent of water moves down a [...]

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Wow! Look at This Storm Structure from Kansas! – September 7, 2015

Today, Kansas did not disappoint with some incredible storm structure with a storm which also prompted tornado warnings near Marion, Kansas. The stacked plates supercell was one of the more impressive looking cells in Kansas this year. Check 0ut the pics… […]

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Learning from Danny and Erika’s Public Conversation, Killing the Hype

Already, the blogosphere is lighting up with incredible postmortems on the coverage surround both Danny and Erika in the Atlantic. You have Nate Johnson talking about how meteorologists need to better communicate tropical threats, and you have the Capital Weather Gang throwing in their .02 as well. Then there’s a good series of thoughts from [...]

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