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Gear to Make Your Phone a Camera Powerhouse

Everyone who knows me knows I have harped on just how good phone cameras are and are getting. Every generation of hardware seems to do something to one-up the past generation — and incidently each new generation makes a stronger case that sans a major camera purchase, you’ve got more than enough camera for the [...]

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The Camera Round-Up: Sony Has A Couple of Awesome Cams Coming

It’s been said that Sony may own the future of photography and videography, as their sensors are top of the line and their camera’s combination of image quality/features typically are a generation ahead of others. It’s also a good thing Sony cams are mirrorless, which means all that glass you own now you can use [...]

By | June 20th, 2015|Photo Tips, Video Tips|1 Comment

The Problem with ‘Realism’ in Photography…

Hi, my name is Chris and I may have a bone to pick with you (maybe). One of the things I’ve noticed since beginning photography is that there is a certain segment of the viewing audience that wants images to look ‘real’ — this segment of people who want this want the minimal amount of retouching [...]

By | June 10th, 2015|Photo Tips|9 Comments

Thoughts on HDR Photography

This topic may or may not have been beaten to death by now, but for some newer photographers, or anyone curious about my thoughts, here is a quick, basic introduction to dynamic range and HDR to set up some more detailed, specific discussions in the future. HDR, or “High Dynamic Range”, is a photo capturing [...]

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