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It Won’t Get Cold Again, But Storm Season Not Quite Here Either

Well, winter is officially out of the way on a consistent basis — that is unless you are someone that defines winter as highs in the 50s. The way it looks at this point is that we won’t see incredibly cold temperatures (highs below freezing) anytime soon. However, these 80s we’re enjoying on the Southern [...]

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February Looks Warm, But Will It Be Stormy?

You’ve probably seen the chatter on social media about how warm February is looking for the Southern Plains. Indeed, February looks to be a rather warm month by and large. But what there hasn’t been much talk of is how that could mean an earlier than usual storm season kickoff. February severe weather events are [...]

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Significant Ice Storm to Impact Southern Plains – January 13-15, 2017

We are now less than twenty-four hours away from the much anticipated ice storm beginning in the Southern Plains. With just 24 hours to go, there hasn’t been much clarity in the final hours. The hope is always that weather models all converge on a singular solution, but the opposite seems to be true here. [...]

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Ice Storm Likely To Impact Region (January 13-15, 2017)

We can start removing some doubt in the language about the likelihood of an ice storm impacting the region this weekend. The exact locations for heaviest icing are not locked in fully yet. However, what is locked in is that there will be a significant ice storm in the region [...]

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Is the Ice Man Coming for You in the Southern Plains? (January 13-14 Winter Storm Update)

When it comes to forecasting a mixed winter precipitation mode in the Southern Plains, we ask only that you give your local weather guy a break this week. I can guarantee you they’re drinking tons of coffee and Red Bull and probably even using their best mystical tricks to gaze [...]

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Severe Weather Possible Today – July 28, 2016

Looks like NW flow aloft is back on the menu with some severe weather chances across the region into this evening and overnight. This afternoon and evening, storms should fire across NE CO and NW KS. These initial storms could be supercells with large hail and a tornado possible. […]

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Stormy Week Ahead for the Southern Plains… (July 25, 2016)

As the ridge of high pressure abates across the region this week, temperatures are coming down and humidity is coming up. On top of that, storm chances will be on the rise as several small atmospheric disturbances work their way around the region. This all leads up to a hot, muggy, and stormy week ahead. [...]

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