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Summertime Continues With Occassional Storm Chances

There have been sporadic and spotty storms around the region over the last several days, and that pattern looks to continue in one form or another for the next week with occasional heavy rainfall and even severe weather possible in the region. […]

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Is A Summer Storm Pattern Arriving Into Next Week?

It’s been a hot and dry week across the Southern Plains, with every vestige of summer in place. As we wrote about earlier this week, the summertime ridge over the Southern US dominates our weather this time of year. When its overhead it’s a stupid kind of hot with no rain chances whatsoever, when it moves [...]

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Looking Back at the 2016 Spring Season

Well, we’ve made it through another Spring. Each storm season is different and the 2016 season definitely had some unique twists all its own as well. In many ways, we saw historical strong El Nino trends broken — much less a year swinging from Strong El Nino to La Nina. Climatology what? (Protip: Small data [...]

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The Sun is Setting on the 2016 S. Plains Chase Season

Yesterday we saw what was probably the last of the ‘big’ chase days on the Southern Plains — with a few supercells taking shape and moving over NW TX. We captured a pretty scene at sunset near the Wichita Mountains in SW OK as the anvils from those storms were lit [...]

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Is Winter Over? Has Spring Arrived?!

A cursory glance at weather models into the somewhat distant future shows a consistently strong signal for above normal temps across the west and central US for the foreseeable future. With the foreseeable future being almost to March — one has to ask “Have we just started Spring and not even realized it?” […]

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