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Chasers: You Don’t Have to Drive To Tornado Alley to ‘Save Lives’

Every year, I would venture to guess at least 1,000 people come to the traditional Tornado Alley of the Great Plains to chase storms each Spring. That number is probably way too low, but it is safe to say people come from all over to see water vapor do its thing each Spring during the [...]

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Win Some Cool Gear In a New Weather Photo Contest!

Photo above ©Scott Stuart. Our friends over at Photocrowd are hosting a photo contest judged by the infamous Pecos Hank. If you’ve never watched any of Hank’s stuff, its a must for any storm fan. PhotoCrowd is looking for the best extreme weather photo with the prize being a ThinkTank Aiport Navigator. Pretty useful if you [...]

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The Four Most Underrated Regions for Chasing Storms

When it comes to storm chasing, everyone has their favorite areas to chase — but oftentimes many people overlook what are pretty solid setups in areas where chasers have historically not ventured as much. These areas, complete with solid road networks, good terrain, and active severe weather histories — are hidden gems (at least as [...]

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What the Periscope/Meerkat Revolution Means For Weather Streamers

For much of the world, the idea of streaming an event as it happens is a new thing thanks to Meerkat and Periscope’s rise into the social consciousness over the past several months. For weather enthusiasts, storm chasers, and TV news — streaming video has been a nugget which has been solved for quite awhile. [...]

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Storm Chasing in the Canadian Prairies with Nevin deMilliano

For newcomers to storm chasing, you may think that the bulk of a chase season lies in the Great Plains of America, from the Dakotas south to Texas. And while the bulk of all photogenic severe weather may indeed happen across the flatlands of middle America, while many go home and end their chase seasons [...]

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Is That Weather Pic REALLY Amazing? Insane? Special?

Give me some time to nitpick — because I’m really good at this and you all know this (if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time). I think it’s time we start to retire the constant over exaggeration of the content of weather/nature images and/or quit describing them with ‘catch’ words which [...]

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