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Some Tips on How to Safely Document Tornadoes

Yesterday, I wrote about how we have a problem in storm chasing and asked the ever-pertinent question, “Why has it become so hard for chasers to not get hit?” Today, I want to offer up a series of suggestions on how to avoid that situation in the future. I actually have written some of these [...]

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Why Has It Become So Hard for Chasers To Not Get Hit?

Well…this blog post should be fun. Let me preface this entire post by saying a couple of things right off of the bat. First, I’m writing this from a genuine position of humbleness, in that I have made mistakes and will certainly make more mistakes. Second, I also write this from the position of someone [...]

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A Short Primer/Catch-All On Chase Ethics and Safety

With the number of chasers and newer chasers at a higher level than ever before, it’s always a good idea to talk the ethics of chasing as well as some general catch-all guidelines to hopefully have everyone generally follow. I don’t want to come across as anything but helpful, as this is oftentimes a topic [...]

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Social Media Protips As We Approach Storm Season

It may be snowing outside (or close to it, or maybe not at all depending on where you are in the region) — but we are about to enter March and the beginning of meteorological Spring. And yes, I know we are probably two weeks away from any semblance of that for more than a [...]

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Chris’ ChaserCon Presentation Slides

Hey everyone! I had a lot of people come up to me after the presentation yesterday morning wanting the slides from my presentation to keep the learning up. I converted the slideshow into a PDF for you to enjoy. As always, hit us up on Twitter or Facebook with any questions or comments. We are also [...]

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Pre-ChaserCon Hangout With Brandon Sullivan, Eugene Thieszen and Chris Sanner

We are at ChaserCon in Denver, Colorado and talking chasing and more! Check out our pre-ChaserCon hangout recorded last night! We will be trying to do a hangout tonight from the convention floor, so stay tuned to our social accounts! […]

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When to Chase For the Best Photos and Video…

If your goal with storm chasing is to get the absolute best photos and videos you can get, and if you can’t chase everything from March to July — you probably need to be thinking about the absolute best time to chase on the Plains to get the most picturesque storms. But when is that [...]

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