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Severe Storms on the High Plains of E. Colorado and W. Kansas

Eugene spent the past couple of days documenting storms in Eastern Colorado and again near his home in Kansas — and wouldn’t you believe it he ended up seeing a brief landspout tornado near his home in Kansas! Let’s check it out! […]

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Severe Storms in the OKC Metro (Pics/Videos) – August 5, 2015

Last night around sunset, the atmosphere erupted with severe storms on the northern sides of the OKC metro. These storms produced some large hail and an isolated damaging winds report in the Guthrie area. I also ventured out for an attempt at some lightning photography — though I haven’t processed anything yet — but here [...]

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Photogenic Supercell in West and SW Kansas! – August 4, 2015

Eugene had a solid day chasing yesterday, documenting a rather photogenic south/southeastward moving supercell storm from I-70 to south of Dodge City. The storm produced severe weather along its path, before finally dying just north of the Oklahoma Border. Here’s a progression of the day (in pictures) from Eugene: […]

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An Electrical Night Across OKC Produces Tons of Lightning Photos! – July 20, 2015

Strong thunderstorms formed and persisted into the night across the OKC metro area last night. These storms were quite electrical, with tons of cloud to ground lightning strikes. Both Chris and Josh were out and about partaking in the electrical show. Check out their images: […]

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“Tempest on the Caprock” — Texas Panhandle Tornadoes of May 18, 2010

Continuing our look back at season one of Tornado Titans is today’s webisode, “Tempest on the Caprock”. This day features our May 18, 2010, storm chase where we documented several tornadoes from Dumas to Stinnett, TX. […]

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“Needle in a Haystack” — Clinton, OK Tornado of May 11, 2010

The ‘Needle in a Haystack’ episode was named after the type of chase day May 11, 2010 was. We struggled all day with the evolution of storms, as numerous supercells and severe storms formed along a dryline in SW OK. We finally arrived on the northern of two tornado warned supercells and ended up witnessing [...]

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“The Build” — Storm Chasers Watching The Sky Go From Blue to Storm

“The Build” was actually the first ‘topical’ episode of Tornado Titans we ever did. In the web series over the first four seasons, we did a couple of topical episodes which showed off aspects of chasing combining footage from days across the season. These were always meant to tell a ‘whole’ story of chasing and [...]

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