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Severe Weather Possible Kansas to Texas – May 9, 2015

While today’s severe weather threat is not going to be zero, it appears as if it may not be on the higher end of the spectrum either. A localized threat of more significant storms could develop by mid to late afternoon, but that is dependent on the atmospheres ability to destabilize this afternoon, which may [...]

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Some Common Misconceptions About Being Ready for Severe Weather

When it comes to severe weather safety and preparedness, half of the battle is convincing the listener that many of their commonly held beliefs are completely wrong. For whatever reason, bad advice filters through the population which results in people being nowhere near ready for when a real severe weather emergency threatens them. I’ve taken [...]

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Six Ways to Be More Prepared This Storm Season

“We had no warning.” “The sirens didn’t sound, so we didn’t worry about it.” These are common excuses many people offer up when severe weather catches them off-guard — but the simple fact is, most of the time at least, severe storms impacting you are well advertised and warned in advance. Given the access to [...]

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The Lessons I Learned While Funding Titan U…

I kept trying to find a good spot to post these thoughts, but honestly none of my current blogs fit so I’m just going to post them on Facebook since they are, at least, personal observations on my first crowd-funding foray. I figure these are pretty poignant lessons which someone may read and take some [...]

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Chris’ ChaserCon Presentation Slides

Hey everyone! I had a lot of people come up to me after the presentation yesterday morning wanting the slides from my presentation to keep the learning up. I converted the slideshow into a PDF for you to enjoy. As always, hit us up on Twitter or Facebook with any questions or comments. We are also [...]

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