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Why Does the Sky Turn Green Before a Tornado (Or Hail)?

You’ve probably heard the saying a million times by now: the sky glows green because there is hail in the storm. Or you’ve also possibly heard a green sky means a tornado is coming. Which of these two statements (if either) is actually true? […]

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Wall Clouds vs. Shelf Clouds: How to Tell The Difference Between the Two

One of the more confused distinctions for beginning storm spotters and observers are wall clouds versus shelf clouds. I have had numerous times chasing with newer chasers or interacting with spotters where both features were misidentified. We’ve put together a video on this topic. […]

By | December 4th, 2014|Storms 101|1 Comment

What Led To The Amazing Supercell on June 22, 2014

In what was a rather slim pickens year in the Southern Plains, my favorite storm this past year happened to occur on June 22, 2014 — a beast of a supercell with amazing structure, lightning, and some brief tornadoes across the Panhandles of Oklahoma and Texas. This storm formed in the afternoon and drifted southward [...]

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