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“Campo, Colorado” — The Tornado That Wowed Storm Chasers on May 31, 2010

There are few chases that end as well as Campo, Colorado did on May 31, 2010. In what was the Season finale of Season 1, this episode features one of the most photogenic tornadoes from the past several seasons. In many ways, Campo has still been unmatched. […]

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“Oklahoma Surprise” — The Hammon, OK Tornado from March 8, 2010

Every now and then, a day comes along that surprises you so much that you can’t help but just feel a bit of shock. The extremely photogenic and long-lasting tornado of March 8, 2010 from near Elk City, OK to Hammon, OK was one of those days — where it all came together just enough [...]

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“High Disappointment” — The Oklahoma High Risk Tornado Event of May 19, 2010

May 19, 2010 wasn’t supposed to be a high risk going in — but it ended up that way when a localized maximized environment took shape along a warm front in Northern/Central Oklahoma. Surrounding that high risk was a large moderate risk zone. Severe weather was likely, and we had to make the most of [...]

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“Hail in Texas” — Losing the Battle Against Large Hail

One of the worst things that can happen to a chaser is to accidentally end up in big hail that can bust your windshield or windows. This is because the damage to windows hail can cause is quite costly. For us on May 18, 2010 — we pushed it too far to try to keep [...]

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“The Bust” — The Less Glamorous Side of Storm Chasing

Busting in storm chasing means you spend a ton of money and time going to a place far from anywhere to sit and watch storms struggle to get going. All of that time and energy is spent waiting on something that’ll never come. Welcome to the pain of a bust… […]

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“How to Chase a Rocketship” — The Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak of May 10, 2010

The second largest tornado outbreak in Oklahoma history occurred on May 10, 2010 as numerous extremely fast moving supercells formed just west of I-35 and moved rapidly east and north. There were several storms that formed, and almost all of them produced tornadoes. Almost all of them… […]

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“Tempest on the Caprock” — Texas Panhandle Tornadoes of May 18, 2010

Continuing our look back at season one of Tornado Titans is today’s webisode, “Tempest on the Caprock”. This day features our May 18, 2010, storm chase where we documented several tornadoes from Dumas to Stinnett, TX. […]

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