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“Needle in a Haystack” — Clinton, OK Tornado of May 11, 2010

The ‘Needle in a Haystack’ episode was named after the type of chase day May 11, 2010 was. We struggled all day with the evolution of storms, as numerous supercells and severe storms formed along a dryline in SW OK. We finally arrived on the northern of two tornado warned supercells and ended up witnessing [...]

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“The Build” — Storm Chasers Watching The Sky Go From Blue to Storm

“The Build” was actually the first ‘topical’ episode of Tornado Titans we ever did. In the web series over the first four seasons, we did a couple of topical episodes which showed off aspects of chasing combining footage from days across the season. These were always meant to tell a ‘whole’ story of chasing and [...]

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“Texas Two Step” — Jericho, TX Tornadoes of April 22, 2010!

Man oh man, how far we’ve come! We’re going to begin showing off our old episodes of our web series entitled ‘Tornado Titans’ over the next few weeks! Each episode is going to be accompanied by a blog post with additional info on each episode and full of some pertinent background information as well. [...]

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