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The Boom or Bust (Mostly Boom) Chase of May 21, 2011

The thing I love the most about drylines is that they are oftentimes just so magical. May 21, 2011 was a day where the cap was relatively strong, but there was enough heating and just enough upper lift that made a storm or two possible along the dryline along the I-35 corridor in Oklahoma. [...]

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The Cold Front Tornadic Storm Chase of April 22, 2011

In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, we really didn’t keep with chronology when it came to Tornado Titans Season 2 (really we’ve never done that for any of the seasons if you get down to it). While we’ve touched on Brandon and Josh’s April 23, 2011 Storm Chaser in “Cyclone in Byars” — [...]

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More Tornado Titans Season 2: Easter Sunday, and the Byars, OK Tornado

We’re getting back to Tornado Titans Season 2 with more action from Easter Sunday, which includes everything that happened after the decision in “Fight or Flight”. While the day started off great, the rest of the chase down in Texas was a pretty big wash. We ended up seeing a couple more tornadoes from another [...]

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The Easter Sunday Tornado near Baird, Texas – April 24, 2011

The late April of 2011 time period turned out to be exceptionally busy for severe weather across the US. In the midst of that is a pretty well forgotten day on Easter Sunday in 2011. This day featured a cold front slowly advancing south meeting a dryline just near Abilene, TX. It was a lower-end [...]

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The April 14, 2011 Tornado Outbreak – Part I

Hey everyone! We’re back to posting old Tornado Titans Episodes, and today we are starting with a trio of webisodes from the April 14, 2011 tornado event. Tornado Titans Season Two was the result of actually planning ahead and considering the style and tone the series was going to take. […]

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