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Its Time to Ditch Automatic Modes and Shoot Manual…

We’ve all been there, shooting in an automatic or priority mode of some kind — letting the camera do┬ámost of the work for us. While there is a time for that (especially if you are a true beginner) — there is no time like the present to begin shooting all manual. From focus to exposure, [...]

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Your Histogram, and How to Expose Your Images Properly

Let’s get one essential link out of the way. If you’ve never read it, Brandon Goforth wrote an amazing guide on the histogram and HDR photography here. Now, I’d like to take a bit of time to echo that post with a simpler guide on the histogram, which I think is the most essential tool [...]

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Four Protips on Photo Composition for Storms…

To me, the biggest key to creating a great image happens before you push the shutter. The ingredients to a great shot include proper exposure, good timing, and great composition. Without any of the three, your photos and videos will never have the maximum impact. […]

By | August 28th, 2015|Photo Tips, Video Tips|2 Comments

Instagram is Ditching the Square

Ever since the dawn of time, Instagram has been a place you share squares. Photos, videos…didn’t matter. It was square. Those who know us know we’ve taken to Instagram like a haboob to Phoenix, we’ve been all over it. In terms of which social network provides the best opportunity for photographers and videographers, it’s Instagram. [...]

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The New Era of Streaming: Periscope vs. Meerkat (Which is Better?)

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the new video streaming services which have appeared in the past year and what they would mean for storm chasers and the marketplace (read: it’s a game changer). The question I was asked most coming out of that article is, “yeah great, but which one should I [...]

By | August 26th, 2015|Video Tips|7 Comments

Olloclip Active Lens Review (iPhone 6/6 Plus)

The Olloclip Active Lens caught my eye when it was announced this past Spring because it seemed to solve the two biggest complaints I had about my iPhone lens: it was neither wide enough for storms, nor did it have an optical zoom that’d make some subjects in landscape (and with storms) more feasible to [...]

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Mirrorless Grows Up: Sony a7RII Offers Big Value

Our friends at B&H Photo Video have posted their full Sony a7RII Review. The Sony a7RII is Sony’s latest big camera release, sporting a 42mp full frame sensor, 4K video, and an incredible 5-axis internal stabilization. It’s a low light workhorse and sure to be the camera that puts Sony (finally) on the map with [...]

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