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Let’s Stop With the Gear Envy Already

The above photo is our own Brandon Goforth’s shot of the Campo, Colorado tornado on May 31, 2010. This photo is significant because it is the most popular and most responded to nature photo on the most popular photography site: 500px. Brandon is a master at his craft, but the above image has a dirty [...]

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Understanding Copyright, Social Media, and Your Chase Material

It’s a brave new world out there, or rather, the world has changed dramatically from where it was just a few years ago. Social media is a mature market now, and to reach an audience many photographers and filmmakers use the mediums without hesitation. I do it, many others do it. But you really need to [...]

By | January 13th, 2015|Photo Tips, Video Tips|2 Comments

Where You Should Be Uploading Your Chase Videos in 2015…

The times, they are a changing. At least, when it comes to online video distribution and where you should be concentrating your efforts, that saying has never been more true. Storm chasers have traditionally posted their videos to YouTube, with the occasional brave soul using Vimeo to make a statement about how they don’t care [...]

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Don’t Buy a Camera Without Being Willing to Invest in a Microphone

So you’ve bought a brand new camera for video, and you are excited to begin shooting. You take your camera out and while the shots are framed well, and they look great — the video doesn’t feel like it’s a huge step up. When being taught as a much younger lad on videography, I was told [...]

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When Storms Are Benign, Try The Tower At Sunset

May 8, 2013 had a lot of promise to deliver an isolated, localized supercell and tornado threat. Hopes were high as we shifted west towards developing storms and supercell in western Oklahoma, as we expected a productive day of shooting severe weather over the open plains of Western Oklahoma. […]

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So You Got a New Camera…Now What?

Ah yes, Black Friday. Cyber Monday. You’ve probably been scoping out some great camera deals online. And if you’ve taken advantage and you have a shiny new camera, you are probably wondering what’s next. If you are new to photography (or not), you probably haven’t been told that a camera body is a base purchase [...]

By | November 28th, 2014|Photo Tips, Video Tips|4 Comments

Cool Things You Can Do With Micro Video

Micro video is certainly one of those things that many people simply do not fully get. Why would anyone create videos in six or 15 seconds, and what can you do with such little time anyways? For storm chasers, the adoption hasn’t been that fast — but for weather enthusiasts micro video has become a [...]

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