A powerful downdraft often associated with an intense thunderstorm that strikes the ground and deflects in all directions. A downburst may produce damaging surface winds.

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A small-scale column of air that rapidly sinks toward the ground, usually accompanied by precipitation as in a shower or thunderstorm. A downburst is the result of a strong downdraft.

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Elevated Convection

Convection occurring within an elevated layer, i.e., a layer in which the lowest portion is based above the earth's surface. Elevated convection often occurs when air near the ground is relatively cool and stable and an unstable layer of air is present aloft.

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Funnel Cloud

A condensation funnel extending from the base of a towering cumulus or cumulonimbus, associated with a rotating column of air that is not in contact with the ground.

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A property of a moving fluid which represents the potential for helical flow (i.e. flow which follows the pattern of a corkscrew) to evolve. Helicity is proportional to the strength of the flow, the amount of vertical wind shear, and the amount of turning in the flow (vorticity). Atmospheric helicity is computed from the vertical [...]

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