Yesterday’s flooding event in Texas was a high end flooding event in the Austin, TX area with 10″+ of rain falling in the area. This led to some pretty extreme flash flooding in that area. Let’s go to a few of the more compelling photos and videos.

Precipitation totals yesterday across the region.

Precipitation totals yesterday across the region.

Why The Heavy Rain?

Heavy rain events like the one impacting the San Antonio to Austin area yesterday are not easy to come by. It takes a special case of high moisture content in the atmosphere, training cells, and enough instability to sustain storms over the same area for a few hours.

All of that did come together to create a higher end flash flooding event in the Austin metro area (and immediate adjacent areas to the SW).

One of the things you see immediately after a flash flood are the debris which the water carried downstream. Check out the aftermath in the Austin area in the pics above.

Officially at the Austin airport, just over 14″ of rain were recorded. It left many highways looking like lakes.

The rainfall was one for the record books, with several areas picking up historically high rainfall totals for the day.

Also there was at least one tornado yesterday in Floresville, TX:

In total (according to the SPC storm reports), 7 total twisters were spawned yesterday in the Lone Star State.

October 30, 2015 storm reports.

October 30, 2015 storm reports.


The weather is calming down now, but we are expecting another trough by next week, which should (once again) bring heavy rain to the region.

Stay tuned!