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A Risk of Severe Weather Today in MO/AR, E KS and E OK

We wrote a bit ago about the slow ramp up to storm season, and here we are with our first risk day of March in the region. Today’s risk is centered across the Eastern areas of our region, and features a lot of the classic hallmarks of a severe weather day in the Southern Plains. [...]

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Impressive Tornado Outbreak Strikes the Plains – November 16, 2015

An impressive tornado outbreak took place yesterday over the Plains, as just enough instability combined with insane wind shear values to create an environment conducive towards storms producing tornadoes. Eugene chased the Kansas cells while Chris and Brett were in the Texas Panhandle. Let’s check out their results! […]

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Severe Weather Episode Today in Texas/Oklahoma/Kansas! – November 16, 2015

A powerful upper level storm system is ejecting out onto the Plains today and tonight. When combined with increasing moisture and instability ahead of the trough, this will create an environment conducive for severe weather in the region. […]

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Severe Weather To Impact Texas/Oklahoma Monday Night into Tuesday

Another large storm system is taking aim on the Southern Plains, with severe weather more likely this time around versus the last system. Moisture, instability, and wind shear all point towards an active severe weather event from Monday evening into the overnight hours. Needless to say, you will want to make sure you have a [...]

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Severe Weather Possible in the Region This Evening and Overnight – May 15, 2015

The first of a couple of days of severe weather looks to come in with a bit of a whimper — but that’s ok. It seems like we can’t not get rain, and everything is pointing towards that continuing to be the case today into tomorrow. […]

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