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The Ice Storm Impacts Across SW Kansas – January 16-17, 2017

Titan Eugene Thieszen (@wxtremechaser on Twitter) spent some time the last couple of days looking at ice storm damage and impacts across SW Kansas near his home. The ice storm from January 13-17 in Kansas left a glaze of locally higher than 1-inch. This caused some catastrophic damage to the Dodge City, KS area. [...]

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Monsoon Day Four: More Storms!

When it comes to monsoon storm photography we have the whole ‘find storms in the daytime’ thing down pat. Yesterday Eugene Thieszen, Brandon Goforth, and myself all spent some time around Sedona, AZ watching storms bubble in the distance and hoping that we’d see them propagate towards us through the afternoon. […]

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Monsoon Chase: Day 1

The great monsoon 2016 expedition has begun! Eugene Thieszen and myself trekked from Oklahoma City to western New Mexico to begin our monsoon chase excursion. Our first day was likely more successful than any day we had out here last year when we gambled on super late-season monsoon action (and largely lost). This year, we [...]

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Heading to the Southwest for Monsoon Action!

This may be the blogging equivalent of a sign on the office door saying, “Gone chasing!” Tomorrow, Eugene Thieszen, Brandon Goforth, and myself will be heading to the southwest U.S. to capture the monsoon storm activity and also do some desert landscape photography. Last year I had the privilege of doing a similar trip with [...]

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Severe Weather, Tornadoes in Eastern Colorado (Pics) – August 17, 2015

Our own Eugene Thieszen is still out chasing storms at this hour in Colorado, but managed to document a tornado warned supercell. A couple of tornadoes were reported in the area as well. Let’s get to some pics! […]

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Severe Storms on the High Plains of E. Colorado and W. Kansas

Eugene spent the past couple of days documenting storms in Eastern Colorado and again near his home in Kansas — and wouldn’t you believe it he ended up seeing a brief landspout tornado near his home in Kansas! Let’s check it out! […]

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Photogenic Supercell in West and SW Kansas! – August 4, 2015

Eugene had a solid day chasing yesterday, documenting a rather photogenic south/southeastward moving supercell storm from I-70 to south of Dodge City. The storm produced severe weather along its path, before finally dying just north of the Oklahoma Border. Here’s a progression of the day (in pictures) from Eugene: […]

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