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Severe Weather Returns to the Region Tomorrow

Severe weather is returning to the region tomorrow as a dryline sharpens up over the Texas/NM border up into Western Kansas. While a modest pool of moisture will reside east of the dryline, strong upper level lifting will contribute to thunderstorm development by late afternoon. […]

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Monsoon Chase: Day 1

The great monsoon 2016 expedition has begun! Eugene Thieszen and myself trekked from Oklahoma City to western New Mexico to begin our monsoon chase excursion. Our first day was likely more successful than any day we had out here last year when we gambled on super late-season monsoon action (and largely lost). This year, we [...]

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Heading to the Southwest for Monsoon Action!

This may be the blogging equivalent of a sign on the office door saying, “Gone chasing!” Tomorrow, Eugene Thieszen, Brandon Goforth, and myself will be heading to the southwest U.S. to capture the monsoon storm activity and also do some desert landscape photography. Last year I had the privilege of doing a similar trip with [...]

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Storms Tonight into Tomorrow — Then A Beautiful Weekend

A small storm system will work its way around the region today into tomorrow morning, bringing with it a chance of some storms for the area. The severe weather environment isn’t the most conducive, but some lightning, heavy rain, and small hail will be possible. […]

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Various Scenes from the Monsoon 2015

Every year in the southwest, moisture from the Eastern Pacific and Gulf of California travels northwards into the deserts. At the same time, intense surface heating occurs, which causes the atmosphere to become warm and unstable, which creates an environment ripe for thunderstorms. The monsoon storms provide photographers with absolutely stunning views each and every [...]

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So, That Mountain Protects You From Tornadoes Eh?

In some areas, there are widely held (and sincere) beliefs about landmarks protecting you from the horrors of a tornado. For some its a river (good luck with that), for others its being in a valley (yeah, not working either), and for many its a mountain, which…well….let’s go to the tape. […]

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Severe Weather Possible North KS into Nebraska – August 22, 2014

Severe weather is possible from portions of northwest and northern Kansas (areas along and north of I-70) into Nebraska late this afternoon into the evening. The expectation right now is that storms will form along the front range of the Rockies thanks to a strong shortwave moving through the region. The added shear will make [...]

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