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How You Can Get Started Storm Chasing…

This is one of the most popular questions we get in our e-mail inbox. Instead of answering these questions a different way each time, I’ll admit to being lazy and writing a quick blog post about it that we can link to. So hey, that’s why you are seeing this blog post today. […]

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Let’s Examine the Term ‘Unchaseable’

Ever since I began storm chasing, there have always been certain setups deemed ‘unchaseable’. You know, the setups where storms move 50+ mph, are in bad terrain, and (now) you have limited data as well. Yet, time and time again over the past 13 or so years I’ve seen people turn these unchaseable days into [...]

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The Misconceptions of Storm Chasing…

Storm chasing is becoming an increasingly popular activity — and why wouldn’t it? It’s amazing to see the biggest, baddest storms on earth do their thing. However, we oftentimes get comments and notes from people who completely don’t get what we do —¬†for whatever reason. The storm chasing in media and popular culture doesn’t quite [...]

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Chasers: You Don’t Have to Drive To Tornado Alley to ‘Save Lives’

Every year, I would venture to guess at least 1,000 people come to the traditional Tornado Alley of the Great Plains to chase storms each Spring. That number is probably way too low, but it is safe to say people come from all over to see water vapor do its thing each Spring during the [...]

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The Four Most Underrated Regions for Chasing Storms

When it comes to storm chasing, everyone has their favorite areas to chase — but oftentimes many people overlook what are pretty solid setups in areas where chasers have historically not ventured as much. These areas, complete with solid road networks, good terrain, and active severe weather histories — are hidden gems (at least as [...]

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