You Are Probably Breaking the Law Re-Posting Someone’s Material…How to Avoid It

In what is becoming a bit of a problem on social media amongst both the weather community and news community at large — people are breaking copyright laws to post material on their own accounts. It should go without saying, but if you are in the process of creating media assets, there’s really no excuse [...]

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Is Social Media A Viable Weather Reporting Medium for Chasers?

“Call it in!” You hear that phrase echoed throughout tornado videos throughout history as storm chasers scramble to report what they’re seeing. But could there be an even better and more efficient way to report? I think so. Social media, when used responsibly, can not only say ‘what’, it can also show ‘what is’. “Tweet [...]

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Where You Should Be Uploading Your Chase Videos in 2015…

The times, they are a changing. At least, when it comes to online video distribution and where you should be concentrating your efforts, that saying has never been more true. Storm chasers have traditionally posted their videos to YouTube, with the occasional brave soul using Vimeo to make a statement about how they don’t care [...]

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