The Ice Storm Impacts Across SW Kansas – January 16-17, 2017

Titan Eugene Thieszen (@wxtremechaser on Twitter) spent some time the last couple of days looking at ice storm damage and impacts across SW Kansas near his home. The ice storm from January 13-17 in Kansas left a glaze of locally higher than 1-inch. This caused some catastrophic damage to the Dodge City, KS area. [...]

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Is the Ice Man Coming for You in the Southern Plains? (January 13-14 Winter Storm Update)

When it comes to forecasting a mixed winter precipitation mode in the Southern Plains, we ask only that you give your local weather guy a break this week. I can guarantee you they’re drinking tons of coffee and Red Bull and probably even using their best mystical tricks to gaze [...]

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Another Week of Severe Weather Ahead

It’s another week of severe weather, with the threat of supercells with large hail and a few tornadoes definitely on the rise once again this week. It’s too early to tell exactly how the week will go, so take this blog as a best guess for what comes later in the week. As many of [...]

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Severe Thunderstorm Chances Next Three Days… – April 15, 2015

Well, my plans this week just got an RKO OUTTA NOWHERE! And Happy Tax Day everyone! It looks like our cut-off low is slowing it’s progress, which means we are going to find ourselves with two and perhaps three days of favorable wind fields and instability for severe weather — which wasn’t fully expected earlier [...]

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It’s Going to Be Another Busy Week – April 5, 2015

Last week was rather busy, with three days straight of severe weather climaxing in a local tornado even in the tri-state area of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. This week looks similarly busy, with several days in a row of severe weather chances in the region. We’re briefly going to run them all down here. [...]

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Hey, We Passed 1K! Let’s Look at the Titan U Glossary…

Hey hey! We passed 1K yesterday and we’re continuing to see people partner with us and backing Titan U! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT! When I say this is only the beginning, I mean it. There’s A LOT of really cool things we have yet to finalize for reveal with Titan U that’ll really [...]

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