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Ice Storm in Northwest Oklahoma – January 15, 2017

We’re now at day three of Ice Storm coverage and as of early afternoon ice was still gathering on any exposed surfaces in parts of Northwest Oklahoma and the adjacent parts of the Texas Panhandle and South Kansas. I got a chance to take a look from the Canton to Seiling area today, here are [...]

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Significant Ice Storm to Impact Southern Plains – January 13-15, 2017

We are now less than twenty-four hours away from the much anticipated ice storm beginning in the Southern Plains. With just 24 hours to go, there hasn’t been much clarity in the final hours. The hope is always that weather models all converge on a singular solution, but the opposite seems to be true here. [...]

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Is the Ice Man Coming for You in the Southern Plains? (January 13-14 Winter Storm Update)

When it comes to forecasting a mixed winter precipitation mode in the Southern Plains, we ask only that you give your local weather guy a break this week. I can guarantee you they’re drinking tons of coffee and Red Bull and probably even using their best mystical tricks to gaze [...]

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One Final Look Back at Winter…

At the risk of really wishing I hadn’t, let’s take one final look back at winter with some of my favorite video clips and our posts for the season. This past Winter was one full of extremes, with an initial very cold start in November followed by a pretty decent December and January before the [...]

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Winter Weather Returns Tonight!

The storm system that has been talked about for the past few days is about to get going and slowing down travel across the southern plains this evening, eventually causing impacts into the Ohio river valley. Don’t worry, at least here in the southern plains, this should be rather short lived, with temps into the [...]

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Wild Week of Weather Ahead, Aka Welcome to March

Having a wild week of weather is nothing new for March. In fact, I’d say it’s more the expectation than the exception. But this week in the region, we’re going to go from snow on the ground to thunderstorms back to winter and then back to Spring. Sounds like fun right? […]

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