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Welcome to Tornado Titans storm chasing. We chase down the world’s wildest weather to capture incredible scenes. And we teach you to do it too.

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Storm Chase Case: Why You Should Always Chase the High Plains

If you are, like us, traditionally a storm chaser of the lower plains and southeast US — the High Plains are oftentimes a bit of an afterthought in your seasonal plans. But they shouldn’t be. From a growing library of experience, the High Plains may be amongst the most magical places to chase storms if…

Wall Clouds vs. Shelf Clouds: Understanding the differences

To a beginning storm observer, wall clouds and shelf clouds (and more broadly inflow vs. outflow features) — can be confusing. Both of these storm features look to hang down from storms and oftentimes they can be mistook for one another. However, these two could not be more different. Shelf clouds are products of storm…