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Welcome to Tornado Titans storm chasing. We chase down the world’s wildest weather to capture incredible scenes. And we teach you to do it too.

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Two Pieces of Gear to Improve your storm photos and videos

Filters Hi everyone, we’re back with another camera tip. Today’s video is two easy to obtain and universal pieces of gear that will change your storm photos and videos for the better. Both of these are easy to obtain and will offer a quick and easy improvement to your photos and videos this season. The…

Storm Chase Case | Incredible Supercell Along the OK/TX Border | May 29, 2018

Sometimes in storm chasing, there are multiple targets to choose from. This can create opportunity or anguish for storm chasers as they try to ascertain which target is for them. May 29, 2018 was a great example of this, with a outflow boundary as one target and the dryline as another (there was a third…