Our Passion is our Mission

Our passion is witnessing the most violent weather on earth and documenting it with our cameras.

Our mission is that through the pursuit of violent weather, we can educate and inform on severe weather but also share those adventures effectively. We want people to enjoy our work and view the atmosphere with the same awe we do — but we also want people to be prepared for local severe weather impacts in their area.

Our three pronged mission is to educate, inform, and share about violent weather and extreme weather threats. Through this mission, we hope to encourage a more prepared citizen to take more informed actions to proactively be ready for a severe weather threat.

We seek to raise awareness of local, ongoing threats in the Southern Great Plains specifically Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas. While we travel outside of this region, we seek to stay focused on the region we call home as it is the region we know best.


The visual arts are important to us as well. We seek to teach photography and videography to storm chasers and also to regular citizens who may have photography interests outside of extreme weather. We do not, in any way, shape, and form encourage people to pursue violent weather without proper training. However, we do seek to educate further existing chasers about safety and etiquette.

Last but not least, our most important mission is showing the beauty of creation and the power of God. We are Jesus freaks on a mission to share with the world the bigness and glory that is God. We make no bones about this being our ultimate mission, but we welcome people from all walks of life to come and enjoy the wonderful beauty of creation.

We are in no way, shape, or form associated with the National Weather Service or NOAA in any way. While we sometimes provide real time weather information, it is neither our goal nor mission to be a real time weather source meant to deliver timely and accurate weather information. If you want to stay up to date on the latest in extreme weather in your neighborhood, Weather.gov is your answer online with a weather radio to protect you while you sleep.