Our Team…Our Passion.

We love storms. We love dynamic weather. Most of all we love documenting the biggest extreme weather stories each year with our cameras. The people behind the camera are incredibly talented and diverse, with interests and career fields from filmmaking to meteorology.

This is our passion, this is our team.

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Chris Sanner

Co-Founder, TornadoTitans.com

Chris has been chasing for 11 seasons now, with numerous successful chases under his belt. Chris is the mind behind Titan video productions as well as behind some of our still photos you will see on our blog and in our galleries. Sanner grew up in Oklahoma, in the small town of Velma and learned to love the weather — especially extreme weather — at an early age. That curiosity continues today as Chris enjoys all types of extreme weather, not just supercells and tornadoes.


Brandon Goforth

Co-Founder, TornadoTitans.com

Brandon is a native Oklahoman and is currently working on several notable outdoor photography projects. While Brandon’s love for the sky is immense, he also spends a lot of time photographing landscapes — especially around Oklahoma. Brandon has 13 years of chasing experience under his belt with a portfolio to match that experience.

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Brandon Sullivan

Wicked Wind Media and Hazard Notifications LLC

Brandon is one of the most skilled chasers on the planet today, grabbing some of the most dramatic tornado video of the past several years. Sullivan’s heart for weather was born on a farm in Illinois where he grew up. Brandon will graduate from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Meteorology and plans to use his knowledge to help inform people of hazardous weather conditions through his new start -up Hazard Notifications LLC.


Brett Wright

Wicked Wind Media, Photographer

Brett has been chasing for just a few years thus far, but has amassed some of the most recognizable tornado pictures from the last couple of seasons. Brett’s photography skills are some of the best around, and his ability to capture the moment and work well under pressure has made him one of the top new chasers of the past few years. Brett’s interest in weather is immense, and he plans to graduate from the University of Oklahoma with a meteorology degree soon!

Eugene Thieszen

Eugene Thieszen

Photographer, Videographer

Gene has been fascinated by severe storms and tornadoes since the May 1964 Nebraska F-5 which passed near his family’s farmstead. Although he chased sporadically for quite a while, Gene began to avidly pursue chasing in 1999 and has a definite preference for dry line supercells.  His skills as a photographer and videographer have enabled him to capture some dramatic shots that embody both the beauty and destructive power of weather.

Josh, Chris, and Brandon - Version 2

Josh Ward

Photographer, Videographer

Josh has been fascinated by weather since he was a child, and was always the family’s go-to source for weather information. Nothing has really changed, just Josh now has a decade of experience pursuing violent storms across the Southern Plains. Josh is skilled in both video and photography, he loves to chase Western Oklahoma, and his chase style results in some dramatic wide angles of some the most beautiful storms on earth.