About Tornado Titans

Team of storm chasers based out of Norman, OK pursuing the worlds most violent weather each spring!

Tornado Titans Season Two: The Outbreak

As the biggest risk day of the season arrives, the [...]

Tornado Titans Season Two: Welcome to the Machine

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Tornado Titans Season Two: The Fog of Chasing

The team heads for Kansas in search of tornadoes on [...]

Tornado Titans Season Two: Beauty in Baird

Mid-April continues onward and the team moves to central Texas, [...]

Tornado Titans Season Two: Almost Doesn’t Count

Mid-April is a testy time for chasers. While you can [...]

Tornado Titans Season Two: Tushka, Oklahoma

The season starts off with a bang, as the Titans [...]

Chasing with limited vacation days? Here’s four forecast tips to maximize your time on the Plains!

Let's face it, a lot of us don't live on [...]

Tornado Titans Season Three: Passion

Storm chasing isn't just about the pursuit of tornadoes, rather [...]

Tornado Titans Season Three: End of the Season

A giant ridge sets in for much of April and [...]