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Using 4K Video for Lightning Photography

One of the oldest tricks in the storm chasing book on getting a lightning photo has been to extract a still from a video. This method of lightning photography hasn’t result in the greatest quality for years — but thanks to 4K video we are beginning to see this method of capturing lightning really become [...]

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Four Surefire Ways to Make Your Shots Stand Out…

There are good and bad aspects to the growth in popularity of storm chasing. The good is that more severe weather is being observed and warnings are indeed able to be more accurate thanks to increased reporting — and let’s be clear, that’s more good than just about most any bad. […]

By | January 27th, 2016|Photo Tips|1 Comment

Getting the Most Out of Your Camera…

Gear envy is something that doesn’t go away for some people, I used to be that way too. The need to constantly upgrade your camera is typically a symptom of a much larger issue: the desire for better image quality. For the most part, you can elminate the need for a new camera body with [...]

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Some Tips on Capturing Storms at Night…

After the November 16, 2015 tornado outbreak — I think I was asked about nighttime photography at least half a dozen times. I’m used to getting questions all the time, but so many questions on the exact same thing is rare! So let’s talk about it: How do you take photos and videos of storms [...]

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The “Low Quality” Cell Phone, Why Its a Myth, and How to Make it a Powerhouse

For the longest time, many photographers have dismissed their cell phones as true photography tools. Not only is that a mistake, but I believe some are missing the potential to capture great moments with the cameras on their phones. The ‘its just a cell phone shot’ mentality is why most cell phone shots with that [...]

By | November 4th, 2015|Photo Tips, Video Tips|4 Comments

Its Time to Ditch Automatic Modes and Shoot Manual…

We’ve all been there, shooting in an automatic or priority mode of some kind — letting the camera do most of the work for us. While there is a time for that (especially if you are a true beginner) — there is no time like the present to begin shooting all manual. From focus to exposure, [...]

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