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How You Can Get Started Storm Chasing…

This is one of the most popular questions we get in our e-mail inbox. Instead of answering these questions a different way each time, I’ll admit to being lazy and writing a quick blog post about it that we can link to. So hey, that’s why you are seeing this blog post today. […]

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You Are Probably Breaking the Law Re-Posting Someone’s Material…How to Avoid It

In what is becoming a bit of a problem on social media amongst both the weather community and news community at large — people are breaking copyright laws to post material on their own accounts. It should go without saying, but if you are in the process of creating media assets, there’s really no excuse [...]

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Let’s Examine the Term ‘Unchaseable’

Ever since I began storm chasing, there have always been certain setups deemed ‘unchaseable’. You know, the setups where storms move 50+ mph, are in bad terrain, and (now) you have limited data as well. Yet, time and time again over the past 13 or so years I’ve seen people turn these unchaseable days into [...]

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The Misconceptions of Storm Chasing…

Storm chasing is becoming an increasingly popular activity — and why wouldn’t it? It’s amazing to see the biggest, baddest storms on earth do their thing. However, we oftentimes get comments and notes from people who completely don’t get what we do — for whatever reason. The storm chasing in media and popular culture doesn’t quite [...]

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Talking Storm Chasing and Tornadoes with!!

I recently had a long conversation with’s Matt Young about storm chasing and tornadoes, which was featured in a new story on the site yesterday. You can read a lot of the fruits of that conversation in the article linked above, here’s a snippet: […]

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What is a Storm Chasing Bust? Lets Examine…

The bust.  It’s pretty much one of the hardest things to go through in storm chasing. You go out, spend an entire day, spend $40-$100+, and end up seeing nothing that you wanted to see. We all know storm chasing is an expensive hobby, it’s even more expensive when the busts start racking up. But [...]

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Chasing the Lone Star State with Joel Christopherson

Our next installment of the Titans Hotseat is here, and this time we are asking Joel Christopherson to take a seat and talk about his passion! Joel is a chaser and photographer from North Texas, and has been chasing for the past couple of years. As a newer chaser and a skilled photographer, he’s got [...]

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