May 31, 2013 Storm Chase | Massive Tornado near El Reno, OK

The famous day of El Reno — our view here wasn’t as exciting as others as we stayed to the right of the path at all times, despite the somewhat unorthodox (but not unheard of) track the tornado took. Oftentimes, big and messy HPs along boundaries can behave this way so its always best to keep a clear exit route available as well as some distance, especially initially while a storm is still establishing itself.

May 20, 2013 Storm Chase – Moore, Oklahoma EF5 Tornado

There isn’t much more you have to say about this day. It was a horrific, tragic day of chasing. While we certainly do love storms and the complexity of the atmosphere, this was where chasing them down wherever they happen wasn’t at all what we wanted. The thrill of a forecast correctly made and chase decisions correctly chosen were quickly replaced on this day with the horror of what was going on in Moore. This day was the launching pad for our second era of Titan U, it changed how we approach chasing and how we see the storms we co-exist with each year.

May 20, 2013 Storm Chase | Duncan, OK Tornado

While a supercell to our north was doing enormous, untold, historical damage — we were in southern Oklahoma chasing a supercell which went on to produce a cone tornado. For us, this was a worst case scenario from a chase standpoint where we weren’t ready to commit north until it was too late to get south for a better view. Its amazing we salvaged what we did out of this day. Be more decisive kids!