December 14, 2014 | Chasing Tilted Towers in a Low Cape, High Shear Environment

As we moved from the supercell that had outran us towards developing towers further south along a surging cold front, we were treated to some colorful tilted updrafts as the sun lowered on the horizon. You can see how strong the shear was this day by how tilted over the towers were, which is a common trait of storms in a low cape/high shear environment like the one we were dealing with on 12/14/14.

June 22, 2014 Storm Chase | Insane Lightning near Canadian, TX

This late season storm chase was an all-timer. Incredible structure, weak tornadoes, and insane lightning — this was a day that kept on giving incredible photography well into the night.

This sequence in particular is not sped up whatsoever — but rather it is the full, real time display of an incredible amount of electricity from a supercell which was approaching Canadian, TX while we shot this segment.

June 22, 2014 Storm Chase | Incredible Supercell in the Texas Panhandle

If you are a storm photographer — June 22, 2014 is the dream scenario. A beautiful, highly electric supercell moving just barely south in an environment which supports isolated storm modes for hours.

There were a couple of brief tornadoes early on with this supercell, but the real show was the electric structure throughout the evening on what is one of the longest days of the year. You can bet we made the absolute most out of every second of daylight with this one.

June 6, 2014 Storm Chase | Texas Panhandle HP Tornadic Supercell

June continued to give a lot of chase opportunities to storm chasers during the first week. On this day, supercells formed across the dryline in the Texas Panhandle. We ended up targeted one in the northern panhandle that ended up producing a barely visible tornado during a rapid transition to heavily HP. The structure was solid on this day but due to crowded storm modes and an eventual line, it never got to a point where it was really excellent.