April 16, 2017 Storm Chase | Tornadoes near Chester, Oklahoma

This was a pretty nuanced day for forecasting, with a subtle outflow boundary draped across NW OK with shear plenty capable of producing supercells. However, weather models were not picking up on this environment very well with everything pointing towards the TX Panhandle. Regardless, we targeted the OFB and was rewarded with a tornado producing supercell near Chester, OK. This was an excellent chase day and a good example of a target that required some observational analysis to come through.

March 26, 2017 Storm Chase | High Based Supercell in Eastern Oklahoma

This was a solid start to the 2017 season with a dryline setting up very near I-35. As storms erupted, we followed a supercell which never quite got beyond initial organization stages. It tried to produce a wall cloud, but the limited moisture kept the base pretty high and benign except for a very brief moment before the RFD occluded. The day ended with some pretty storm towers and a hail core near Okemah.