Titan Rewind! | Three classic April storm chase days | April 14, 2012, April 9, 2012, April 24, 2011

Today, we’re taking a look at three classic April chase days from the Titan archives. Why are we doing that? Simple: We’re all stuck at home ! The other reason? The Plains are quiet as a mouse…for now.

First up on our adventure through time is a chase on Easter Sunday in 2011 just east of Abilene, Texas. This supercell was cranking up fast. This storm had all the hallmarks of being a tornado producer on the triple point from the moment we got on it and, we didn’t have to wait long.

Little did we know it but this was to be the highlight of the day for us. After this tornado storms formed everywhere and while we saw some additional tornadoes throughout the day, none came close to this beauty in baird.

Next up on this list is a day that’s rather famous amongst storm chasers, the April 14, 2012 high risk. We saw supercell after supercell try to produce tornadoes in Kansas but it was in the evening on the last supercell in the line in Northern Oklahoma that we finally hit paydirt, near Cherokee.

This storm produced several sets of twin tornadoes near Cherokee, Oklahoma. We ended the day with a view of a large and growing tornado just south of Manchester, OK.

A few days before Cherokee was this incredible day in Northwest Oklahoma. Under northwest flow aloft, this beautiful supercell put on a show near Woodward, Oklahoma.

After the initial two cone tornadoes, we closed in on a monster rotating base near Sharon.

Just for a programming note: We expect to see the Plains season pick up soon and travel to be a bit more tenable, we can’t wait to share material from our 2020 excursions!

Tornado Titans – Capturing Incredible

This video, originally released at ChaserCon 2015, was the launch point for our “Capturing Incredible” tagline.

It’s a fun little short film showing off some of our biggest catches and best shots through 2015. The 2015 season to follow was amongst our best, with several team members capturing a wide variety of tornadoes — however it definitely wasn’t the most photogenic.

“Renegades” – A TT Short Film

This is one of our all-time faves in terms of videos produced over the years. To this day nothing still quite captures the spirit of our team and our passion to do things differently than this video. Our guiding focus is to be different. Be positive. And be here to add and not subtract from the pursuit of beauty within the skies. So here’s to a second decade of that renegade spirit guiding us onwards!

“Behemoth” – The Story of Chasing the Widest Tornado Ever – May 31, 2013 – El Reno, Oklahoma

This was a day that is firmly in the minds of storm chasers every time we go out and chase now. Simple rules like stay right of the tornado’s path and don’t drive south from the notch into rain which are old-school rules have unfortunately been repeated over and over again.

The chase day for us was pretty much like many other days with big HP monsters. When you have super high instability like on 5/31 coupled with big shear tripled with a boundary you can bet any supercells will certainly behave a bit erratically. The general rule we stuck to was keep a pretty good distance as much as possible and avoid letting the Canadian river box us in.

When it became obvious the supercell was beginning to drop south towards us, we kept moving south and east, which kept us out of its reach with us maintaining several safe escape options. This did mean we missed the very best views, but on a day like this we definitely made the right calls, getting some early views while staying safe.

We ended up dropping south through the RFD which was a bit hair raising just because of the prospect of huge hail which thankfully didn’t materialize. This did slow us down, meaning we missed the tornado basically as it approached and moved over US-81.

The aftermath of the tornado was relatively simple as we kind of meandered along US-152 until traffic cleared enough to get south of the Canadian river relatively quickly to allow for maximum maneuverability south of the river.