The 2019 Monsoon Storm Chase | In Search of Thunderstorm Electrical Discharges | Part II

The first few weeks of the 2019 monsoon were just a primer for the heart of the season. As my first season of living in the Southwest US continued, I was taking a lot of hard lessons to heart. It seemed that as I learned, the misses on epic lightning continued to mount.

When it comes to monsoon thunderstorms, there are some key differences in chasing them versus storms on the plains. First, they don’t last nearly as long. Targeting where a storm is results in getting blasted by outflow as the storm dies. At that point you typically have to turn around and go back where you came from to wait on storms. Chasing east of storms works sometimes, other times…not so much.

And most of all, when it comes to capturing lightning its all about the instability. In part II of the 2019 monsoon storm chase, we continue to learn lessons in seeking out lightning from thunderstorms of the monsoon in New Mexico.

10 Years of Capturing Incredible | Storm Chasing Highlights | Tornadoes, Supercells, and More!

Back in August of 2009, Sanner and Goforth decided Tornado Titans was a thing. 10 years later, we’re still around!

This is a selection of highlights from all our chasers from the past 10 years of chasing. These shots include some of our favorite tornado and supercell chases from the past decade. Most of us were chasing well before the foundation of TT, but it felt like cheating to include stuff pre-TT.

It has been a wild ride. We’ve grown on social media, had a few versions of the website and even a couple of versions of a YouTube channel (HEY WELCOME TO THE NEWEST ONE) — but the one constant has been the pursuit of capturing incredible skies.

Hope you enjoy and remember, spring is coming…

Shots from:

-Brandon Goforth
-Brett Wright
-Raychel Sanner
-Brandon Sullivan
-Eugene Thieszen
-Jason Castor
-Josh Ward

How to improve your storm photos and videos with just your feet (Camera Tips)

Hey do you want to know one little secret to improving your storm compositions?

What if I told you that so long as you are able to walk, better compositions are within your grasp?

This video shows you a very simple tip that will improve your compositions to make for more pleasing photos and videos.

Our camera tips are meant to improve how you shoot. From composition to exposure to gear and more. These short, quick hitting videos are meant to be practical and applicable to how people shooting weather use their cameras. We hope you find these tips useful as you venture out to take your own weather photographs.

Supercells from a distant view: How to tell if the storm is strengthening or not…

When you take a look at a strengthening supercell from a bit of a distance, you definitely need to be looking at its visual cues. In this storm anatomy guide, we’re talking about some of the visual cues to look for when the storm is a bit of a distance away. Definitely, when storms are moving fast like they were on this day, having distance initially is always a good call.

Also in this vid, some discussion about how to handle storm chases where you are dealing with linear storm modes. Should you drive south?

Our storm anatomy guides are meant to be educational on dissecting storm structure and behavior visually without the help of radar. Storms typically show what they are up to visually and you don’t actually need the internet to make chase decisions. We hope some of the tips found in these videos are most helpful.