April 27, 2014 Storm Chase | Eastern Oklahoma High Risk Supercell

The big risk day of 2014 featured extreme wind shear and cape which prompted an SPC high risk.

Fortunately for residents but unfortunately for us — storms struggled throughout the afternoon. A supercell looked to be ready to do big things though, as it featured all the classic hallmarks of a tornado producer on a high risk day. However, the cap was strong and the storm eventually wilted and died quickly. From a chase standpoint it was certainly disappointing but sometimes our disappointments are a good thing for everyone else.

March 2, 2014 Storm Chase | Central Oklahoma Winter Storm

Winter storms in Oklahoma are always interesting. Here’s one from early March which was unfortunate in so many ways. Storm chasers are usually getting the itch to chase big weather by early March but 2014’s start to the month was frigid. The scene at Lake Hefner was amongst the coldest I’ve ever felt in OK, with wind chills -15 to -20 easily given the surface temp and extreme wind speeds.